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Bad Bonnet Sue in Mischief Again!

August 2002 Swap


All creations in this swap are the intellectual and creative property of the original contributor. These designs are NOT meant to be copied and reproduced in any format elsewhere for profit or any other purpose. All designs are copyrighted by their original designer.


BareBonnet Sue by BC Montana
Bare Swimmer Sue by Bobbie Boren
Sue Burns her Bonnets by BC Montana
Sue Cuts the Cherry Tree by Bobbie Boren
Sue finds dogpoop by Jill Morris
Jackpot Sue by BC Montana
KKK Sue by Jill Morris
Sue chops up sewing machine by Jill Morris
Punker Sue by Jill Morris
Titanic Sue by Bobbie Boren
Sue eats Watermelon by Bobbie Boren
Safari Sue gets eaten by the king of beasts by Mary Hobbs
Pffft...goes Sue by Priscilla Schrock
Sue eating plant named for Sue posthumously by Mary Hobbs
Sue Roasts her Weiner  Dog by Karen Herberger
Cannibal Sue by Priscilla Schrock
Happy Feet Sue by Barbara Lewis
Pin Up Girl Sue by Barbara Lewis
No Fishing Sue by Barbara Lewis
Swearing Sue by Barbara Lewis
Sue feeds the pet canary to her cat by Donna Hinkle
Sue gets hugged by a boa constrictor by Barbara Lewis
Sue writes her name in cement by Barbara Lewis
Chair Pulling Sue by Barbara Lewis
Dentist Sue by Misty Elston
Captive Sam by Anne Niinisalo
Viagra Sue by Donna Hinkle
Overall Sam Eaten by Praying Mantis by Misty Elston
Sue gets sucked up by tornado by SM Pratt
Sue cooks up a potion by SM Pratt
Sue sells potion by SM Pratt
Sue burns her stash by SM Pratt


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