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Sue - Back Bad Again

March 2001 Swap


Sue Guillitioned by Mary Frances Wassom Pyscho Sue at the Bates Motel by Misty Elston Original Sin Sue by Sandy Merritt Sue switches signs on the facilities -- Mary McDaniel Sue whacks some bees by Sandy Merritt
Sue Rocks! the window by Donna Lunsford Toe-tagged Sue! by Barbara Lewis Pyromanic Sue by Synnove Vanor Whaler Sue by Synnove Vonor Spanked Sue by Synnove Vonor
Pit & Pendulum Sue by Barbara Lewis Graffiti Sue by Misty Elston Sue chugs Beer by Barbara Lewis Sue burns her schoolbooks by Donna Lunsford Preggers Sue shoots the stork by Barbara Lewis
Sue steals apple by Donna Lunsford Snake Boa the latest fashion by Barbara Lewis Sue breaks Sam's piggy bank by Barbara Lewis Dirt under the rug by Barbara Lewis Sue puts potatoe up tailpipe by Donna Lunsford
Violaters will be toads! by Barbara Lewis Sue Xeroxes her butt by Barbara Lewis Sue goes Bungee Jumping at the Cheap Place! by Sherri Gleaves Sue steals the school bell by Donna Lunsford Poinked by a brick Sue swears by Barbara Lewis
Champion Seed Spitter Sue by Sherri Gleaves Sue blow dries a snowman by BC Montana Sue Decorates the Post Office by Sherri Gleaves Sue writes on the bathroom wall by SM Pratt Sue loses her tether by Mary Ann McDaniel
Headless Horseman Sue by Mary Ann McDaniel Bare Bottom Sue does the hula by Mary Ann McDaniel Sue turns Sam into Toad by Jeanne  Catron Sue cooks Sam-legs! Jeanne Catron Eaten by a Whale Sue by SM Pratt
Cloned Sue by Sandy Merritt Beheaded Sue with her head under her arm by SM Pratt Sue makes a big splash by Syvonne Vanar Make my Day/Quilt Sue by Maeve Kroll Kill the Umpire Sue by Maeve Kroll
Tornado Sue by SM Pratt Shooter Sue by Maeve Krioll

Jekyll & Hyde Sue By BC Montana

Shoplifter Sue by Charlotte Tatum Sue enjoys nature au' naturel by Charlotte Tatum
G is for Gambler Sue by Priscilla Schrock DonnerPartySue by Kelly Fornwall Sue Flashes Construction Workers by Kelly Fornwall Morning After Sue by Kelly Fornwall Pickpocket Sue by Kelly Fornwall
Sue falls in Well by Shirley Delfosse   Bill gets Pantsed by Kelly Fornwall   Bandit Sue by Shirley Delfosee

All creations in this swap are the intellectual and creative property of the original contributor. These designs are NOT meant to be copied and reproduced elsewhere for profit or any other purpose. All designs are copyrighted by their original designer.




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