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March 2002 Swap

Exotic Sue by Kim Bunchuk

tatooedSue by Janice Roach

Bank Robber Sue by Bobbee Boren

Eskimo Sue by Ina Ayers WinoSue by Caron Guigli Lovepotion9 by SM Pratt
Jailbird Sue by Suzanne Pratt flasher-sue by Barbara Lewis Marijuana Sue by Linda Lomelin Sue knocks over outhouse by Carole Fuller Dunce Sue by Barbara Lewis Smoking Sue by Bobbee Boren
stashburnersue by SM Pratt SouthParkSue by Kim Scarborough Stripper Sue by Bobbee Boren SueBurnsHerBra her Bra by Tamara Moffat Sue gets a bad report card by Suzanne Pratt SueTiesOneOn by Tamara Moffat
UndertheBush by Sue Werkmeister Shotgun Wedding Sue by Barbara Lewis suewithfirecracker by Tamara Moffat CandidCameraSue by Sharon Cox Kick-Me Sue by JoAnn DeSantis Rest in Peace by Sherry Gleaves
  CrossDresser Sue by Carole Fuller Pokemon Sue by Barbara Pedlow Pirate Sue by Deb Hird Go-Go Sue by Sue Werkmeister Balloon Sue by Linda Lomelin
All creations in this swap are the intellectual and creative property of the orignal contributor. These designs are NOT meant to be copied and reproduced elsewhere for profit or any other purpose. All designs are copyrighted by their original designer.  


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