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Just When you Thought Sue Could

Get No Worse!

October 2000 Swap


Sue Does Arsenic & Old Lace by Kim Bunchuk
Arsenic & Old Lace - Whose drink are you flavoring, Sue?
ButterflySue by Kelly Fornwall
Sue pulls the wings off Butterflies....

Pulling the cat's tail by Synnove Vanar from Norway
Pulling kitty's tail is bad no matter where you live -- Bad Sue!!

LightningSue by S.M. Pratt
Sue gets zapped by lightning!

BirthdayCakeSue- by Barbara Lewis
Sue celebrates her birthday in her Birthday Suit!!
Lampshade Sue by Linda Millar
Sue was the life of the party again
Sue does Hells Angels by Teresa Drummond
Hells Angel Sue
All creations in this swap are the intellectual and creative property of the orignal contributor. These designs are NOT meant to be copied and reproduced elsewhere for profit or any other purpose. All designs are copyrighted by their original designer. Sue obesses for chocolate by Teresa Drummond
Bad Sue -- Chocolate is not on the diet!!
BallotBoxSue by Donna Lunsford
Sue stuffs the ballot box -- wonder if she is Republican or Democrat???
BurpSue by Gloria Steen
Burp!  Sue may look sweet but she is getting corked!
CandySue by Gloria Steen
Sue takes candy from Little Sue
RockingRoosterSue by Donna Lunsford
Sue throws a rock at the rooster -- not his lucky day...
BlueSue on the nude beach by Barbara Lewis
Sue turns blue when nude on the beach
GrilledSue by Maeve Kroh
Sue gets grilled -- by a truck
FlagBurnerSue by Donna Lunsford
Sue burns the flag..
QuiltcutUpSue by Jeanne Catron
Sue cuts up a quilt!
HatchetSue by S.M. Pratt
Sue just sharpened her hatchet -- watch out Bill....
ScreamSue by Kelly Fornwall
Scream Sue -- you are about to die!!
InquisitionSue by Connie Merchant
Sue gets roasted Inquisition style!!
StinkBombSue by S.M. Pratt
Sue stink bombs the school -- must have been that bad report card!
GamblerSue by Barbara J. Lewis
Sue lost her shirt playing Bingo despite her lucky rabbit's foot!
GivingAwaySue by Barbara J. Lewis
Sue giving Little Sues away Free to a good home
wettshirtSue by Barbara J. Lewis
Sue in Wet T-shirt contest!  Bet Bill likes this one....
CatTossSue by Sue Werkemeister
Bad Sue -- tossing the cat!
Sue Beats on the Gingerbread Man by Pam Helgensen
Poor Gingerbread Man -- Sue knocked half his head off!
ShockedSue by Sherry Gleaves
Oh Sue!! What a shocking experience!
CrimeSceneSue by Sherry Gleaves
Oh poor Sue -- she's become a statistic!!
PlaneCrashSue by Sherry Gleaves
Down goes Sue....
SoupSue by S.M. Pratt
Wonder what Bill did to get in the soup??
FandangoSue by Mary Frances Wasson
OOH!! Fandango Sue!!
MoonSue by Barbara Lewis
Sue moons the utilities company after getting the bill!

KnifeSue by Priscilla Schrock
K is for Knife -- Bill meets his demise courtesy of Bad Bonnet Sue!

FightClubSue by Misty Elston
Sue -- the bully of the Fight Club -- OUCH!!!
PlayGirlSue by S.M. Pratt
Naughty Sue -- Reading PlayGirl on her break!!
MotorcycleSueK by Kim Scarborough
Sue just loves to show off with wheelies!
StrikerSue by Caron Guigli
Sue Strikes for more quilting -- no cooking!!
Sue runs little Sis up the flagpole by Synnove Vanar of Norway
Sue runs little Sis up the flagpole -- bad Sue!!
SueRobsSanta by Caron Guigli
Sue sticks up Santa -- how else would she get anything for Christmas???
BorntoQuiltSue by Maeve Kroh
Here's Sue -- Born to Quilt!!!
RebelwithoutaBraSue by Maeve Kroh
Braless Sue runs from the law!!
BackAlleySue by Charlotte Tatum
Nobody messes with Back Alley Sue!
NorwegianWitchSue by Synnove Vanar of Norway
Sue shows her "true" personality???
UmbrellaSue by Kelly Fornwall
Lightning zaps Sue and her umbrella!
AuntJeminaSue by Mary Ann McDaniel
Here is Aunt "Sue-mima" getting ready to make her secret recipie -- Betty Crocker!!! Bad Sue!
MakestheBoysCrySue by Marjorie Young
Oops! Sue left the baby on the Bus!!
BoobJobSue by Marjorie Young
Sue gets a Boob Job and appears on Jerry Springer - what next, Sue??
FirecrackerSue by S.M. Pratt
Sue blows her head off celebrating with her firecracker!
PoleVaultSue by Barbara Lewis
A hostess gift!!! Sue cheats at the Olympics!!
Sue picks on Kitty by Kim Bunchuk
Bad Sue -- don't torture the kitty..
BoyNamedSue by Mary Ann McDaniels
Sue's son -- a Boy named Sue!!

HeadHunter Sue by Connie Merchant
Sue with her hobby -- head collecting!! Bad Sue!!

TatooSue by Sue Werkmeister
Sue gets a tatoo!

PullmyfingerSue by Barbara Lewis
Sue pulls the old "pull my finger" gag -- Phew Sue!!
Sue at the grave by Teresa Drummond
What skulldugery are you up to Sue??


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