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October 2003


This is the last of a long-running series of Bad Sue swaps I hosted.

All creations in this swap are the intellectual and creative property of the original contributor. These designs are NOT meant to be copied and reproduced in any format elsewhere for profit or any other purpose. All designs are copyrighted by their original designer.

Caveman Sue by L. Prettyman
KingKong Sue
LapDance Sue by Barbara Lewis
Sleepy Sue
Little Miss Muffet Sue
Smoker Sue by Barbara Lewis
Internet Sue
Copy Sue
Streaker Sue by Barbara Lewis
Halloween Sue
Carrie Sue by Donna Lunsford
Stall Peeper Sue by Donna Lunsford
Cow Pie Sue By Donna Lunsford
Viagara Sue by Donna Hinkle
ChainBall Sue by Susan Lee
Gator Sue by Donna Schmidt
Boo Sue! by Mary Ann Hobbs
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