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Wed-merr.jpg This is Dad, otherwise known as Merrill, who used to be a COBOL, DB2, VB, and JAVA programmer  before his job was offshored , and who now works as a night auditor at Drury Inns in Birmingham. Merrill originally comes from Birmingham, Alabama. After a stint in the Army during the Vietnam War, he has lived in the states of  Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama graduating from Auburn with a masters in psychology and from Middle Tennessee State with a master's in Management Information Systems.   His family even has a town named after them -- Prattville, Alabama!!  We met when we both worked at the University of Tennessee in the 1980s
His main hobbies are reading, cooking, playing the guitar, and making handcrafted candles, and soap, which he sells at craft fairs and on the internet at Good Scents Candles & Soaps .

This is me, Suzanne or Mom. I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee , in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, graduating with a bachelor's majoring in History and minoring in Religious Studies and English; then I completed another bachelor's in Business Administration with a major in accounting and information systems and a minor in statistics; and I then commpleted a Master's in Accounting Informationi Systems with a minor again in statistics. (What can I say?? I liked school!) I lived in Knoxville until 1999 when we moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at Accenture as a programmer in the EDI department.  I love to quilt, do needlework, read, and do web design and programming, and genealogy research.  I was recently disabled because of degenerative arthritis, which has slowed me down a bit.  I miss work and hope to go back one day after hip and knee replacement surgery, but for now I'm enjoying reading a lot of books and doing some needlework!


This is our oldest daughter, Mary. She lives in Phoenix Arizona where she works as (among other things) a graduate student in bioarcheology at Arizona State University and a web designer.  She graduated from Tulane University with degrees in Russian Studies and anthropology (with honors). She loves science fiction, camping, and her husband, Trevor!  She has finished her master's in bioarcheology in Phoenix and is now all but dissertation on her PhD. 

stevejenny.jpg This is our son, Steve. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee where Steve manages a car wash and details cars. Steve is a real Nascar fan, loves video games, and an avid UT-Vols football fan! GO VOLS!!! He comes down twice a year for the holidays to see us and we sure do miss him between one holiday season and the next. 


This is our daughter, Emilie, who graduated in computer science from Austin Peay University with highest honors   and now works as a computer analyst at Kimberly-Clark Corporation in Knoxville. She loved doing madrigals in high school -- this picture shows her madrigal costume that she wore during that time. She spends her spare time working with animals at pet clinics and shelters and spending time with her boyfriend, Gabe.


This is our daughter, Elizabeth, who was in 8th grade in this picture. Elizabeth loves to read, act in school plays, listen to music, and socialize with her friends. She has high aspirations for one day being an emergenecy room doctor. She loves our cats, Oscar Madison and Emma, and her own cat, Stella.  Of course, just like a sister she loves to pester her younger sister. She is now a 17 year old senior in high school and serves as chaplain of her National Honor Society and an youth elder at her church.  In her spare time, she works as a kennel worker at one of the local vet clinics and at one of the local craft stores. A very very busy girl!

This is our daughter Megan, when she was 9 years old and in 4th grade. She is now in 8th grade, loves to read, and listen to her music. She works on the school newspaper as a photographer and graphic layout artist. Her current aspiration is to join the Coast Guard as a career and help save people so she can "make a difference".


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