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Finished Needlework Projects

This is not an all inclusive set of finished pieces but rather a sampling of some of my favorites. I will try to post more later as I obtain good pictures of them. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed stitching them.

Japanese Lady This is a piece I did in a workshop in EGA in Knoxville, Tennesse years ago.  Janet Mitchell Fischel designed this lady as well as a Samuri warrior and a dancing Geisha girl.   Done in gold metallic and DMC floss using various needlepoint stitches as well as pulled thread techniques.  This is one of my husband's favorite pieces.  I plan to finish the two companion pieces --- one of these days!!!


This is another workshop piece I did in the Knoxville, Tennessee EGA chapter.  This one was a class in the regional Share-a-Stitch seminar done each summer by one of the participating chapters of the Tennessee Valley Region.  These beautiful cockatoos were done in Persian wools with the flowers and leaves in DMC floss using a variety of needlepoint techniques and stitches. 

diaper pattern needlepoint

This is a piece I did in an EGA Group Correspondence course about 12 years ago.  This course taught how to do needlepoint diaper patterns and how to use them in your needlework. 

crossed flowers

Here is a cross stitch piece I did from a purchased kit.  The design is stiched on fine Danish linen over two threads and with DMC floss. 

images/cropped quilt2.jpg
This is a pulled thread piece from one of the Advanced Pulled Thread Group Correspondence Courses from EGA.  Done in Medici Wool with the pulled work done in DMC Perle Cotton on Congress Cloth this Compass Rose piece is one of my very favorites. 

white work flowers

This is a  whitework piece I did in another workshop with the Knoxville Chapter of the EGA.  This piece was designed by Faye Andrews of Morristown, Tennessee.   Done with various DMC perle cotten threads on Congress cloth this piece employs a variety of needle-weaving techniques, surface stitches, and pulled thread. 

Valentines This is another piece designed by Faye Andrews of Morristown, Tennessee.  Centered around a haranger heart done in white DMC perle cotten there are various hearts done in blackwork techniques, pulled thread techniques, and other whitework techniques.  Red DMC perle cotten and floss was used for the pulled thread hearts while white DMC floss and perle cotten were used for the whitework hearts.

Smocked Santa

This is a piece I just recently smocked. The design is called Christmas Walk by Mollie Jane Taylor.  Done on blue gingham with red, white, tan, green, and black DMC floss this was one of the more challenging stacked designs I have done recently. 

Gold Metallic Bird done in silks

This  piece I took in another EGA group correspondence class in Knoxville, Tennessee.   This bird-of-paradise is done in gold metallics with the flowers done in green and blue silk.  A variety of surface stitches were used on the flowers and leaves.   The gold bird was mostly laid work done with the mettalic thread and couched down with a fine gold thread. 

interwoven ribbons

This is another group correspondence course - I think it was called Interwoven ribbons. I did it years ago when I belonged to the Knoxville EGA chapter. Done in various shades of beige, ecru, and cream silks, cotton floss and DMC perle cotton, the bands interweave with each other and look different depending on how the light reflects off the piece. My husband liked this piece so much he claimed it as his own.

white queen

This is a piece I did as a group correspondence piece this last year with theonline EGA chapter, Cyberstitchers. The piece does not show up as well in this picture as I would like (its a lot prettier in person) but I enjoyed doing it. Designed by Caryolyn Standing Webb, the class was called White Queen. In this whitework band sampler there was pulled and drawn thread work as well as hemstitching and several ways to finish the edges. Texture was emphasized with stitches and threads; beads and fresh-water pearls accent the design.

drawn thread sampler

This is another correspondence course that I did this last year through the national EGA via an online offering. Designed by Jonalene Gutwein, this is the Beginning Drawn Thread Sampler class. A band sampler with drawn thread sampler bands this piece was a joy to do.


Another group correspondence course done with the online chapter Cyberstitchers. This course is called Mariposa and was designed by Dakota Rogers. Mariposa is comprised of 24 different crossed stitches. Simple drawn thread bands add balance. A nocut method was used when withdrawing the threads.

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