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 Cove Lake, Campbell County TN

This site documents our ongoing research into our family beginnings. Our data is far from complete and is not all verified.

The families documented in the mepratt tree include Merrill's family- Pratts, Smiths, Crenshaws, Jewett, James, Scott, Flint, Peavey, Allyn, Fitch, Bissell, Phelps, Marks, Nurse, Ticknor, and Cummings among others. These families come from New England and Alabama with some from Virginia, and North and South Carolina.

The families documented in the swmpratt tree for Suzanne's side include Williams, Ramsey, Free, Ault, Queen, Rhodes, Nelson, Jones, Smith, Hampton, Merritt, Ford, Huff, Woodward, Stanfield, Spickard, and Thomas as well as others. The primary families settled primarily in Campbell County, Tennessee. Other families settled in Knoxville, Tennessee after migration from Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Other families included are McClain, Sharp, Buckner, Livingston, Peters, DeBard, Goss, etc. which are my oldest children's family from their father's side. These families migrated to East Tennessee from Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Wanted -  Any additions, leads, corrections, photos or documents welcomed. Additionally, if you know of any family stories about any of the individuals posted, please send them to us for inclusion in the data.   Thanks to all who have contributed photos!  The pictures really add to the site.

Acknowledgements -

We have tried to document within the data all the many people who have helped us in our research endeavors. If you are not named here, please do not think that your contribution is unnoticed or unappreciated; it is just impossible to remember all the many people who have helped.

Special thanks goes to Ernest Johnston, Maureen Nelson, Gayle Cross, Beatrice McClain Pope, Carol Peterson, and Bill Adams for their assistance, their encouragement, and their critical review.

And of course, thanks to my grandmother, Ethel Nelson, who started me on my quest when she helped me fill out the family tree in a new Bible back many years ago. To her and to all who have gone before us, this site is dedicated.




Pedigrees for main lines in the family include charts for any of these relatives:

Merrill Edward Pratt of Prattville Alabama,
Julia Adelaide Smith of Prattville Alabama,
Florence Marks of Montgomery Alabama,
Edith Smith Pratt
of Montgomery Alabama,
Fannie Ethel Jones of LaFollette and Knoxville Tennessee,
Joseph Mynatt Nelson of LaFollette and Knoxville Tennessee,
or Charles Baxter Williams of Knoxville Tennessee.

Extra information

Links to primary individuals with extra documents and photos:
Julia Adelaide Smith
Merrill Edward Pratt

Data Sources

Most of the family tree data is from (a) recollections, bible records, and other various records of the immediate families, (b) original sources, both primary and secondary, such as census records, death certificates, wills, birth records, marriage records, pension applications, and (c) published family trees of other individuals, focusing on those with detailed notes and identified sources. This site includes source references for most items of data, citing either another researcher or an original source.

Living Individuals -

For security and privacy reasons, this website contains no personal information of individuals believed to be living. Names of the living are also masked to protect the privacy of the individual.


Please do not take this information at face value and please verify anything you use. Information on this website is for personal use only and should not be used for commericial purposes or published without prior permission from the author. Links to other websites in no way denotes agreement with what may be posted there.



Users are welcome to use any data on this site for personal use only as long as the source of the data is footnoted. Use of any information, documents, or photos from this site for commercial use is strictly prohibited.  Data from this site may NOT be posted at rootsweb or Ancestry or added to any of the World Trees for Ancestry to charge people to see.   Contributions, corrections, photos and additional information is always welcome.  Please note that this data is presented in good faith, that sources are noted where I have them, and that all data should be verified.

Please email us with comments, additions or corrections!!
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