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Some of My Completed Quilts


croppedquilt2.jpg This is a quilt that the ladies from Interquilt and I did for my nephew who is ill with leukodystrophy. Ladies from all over the United States and from Australia made quilt blocks that a little boy would like. I sashed the blocks with a jungle print from Hoffman fabrics and then assembled the quilt, backing it with the same fabric that I used for the sashing. Susan Nixon of Desertsky Quilting in Arizona did the fabulous quilting for it, using a different quilting pattern for just about each block. My nephew, Rhodes, loves the quilt and he and his family were very appreciative of the generosity of the ladies who contributed to the quilt


This quilt is the first holiday quilt I have ever done. I got this pattern out of a magazine about 20 years ago and made it for my older three children. It is a favorite at Halloween time. Now my youngest daughter thinks it was made especially for her and she keeps it in her room with her other quilts.


roundtheworld quilt.jpg
I bought this quilt-top from the Fountain City Methodist Church Quilting Circle of Knoxville, Tennessee back in the 1970s. It sat in my closet for many years before I finally got it quilted and put it on the bed. The top is hand-pieced by a woman, who at that time was in her late 80's. She sold it to me for fifty dollars and apologized for over-charging me!



tumbling blocks quilt
I made this quilt in a tumbling blocks pattern for my youngest daughter several years ago using a quilt as you go technique.  The quilt has seen a lot of love by now and will probably be retired soon. 

Christmas quilt



These Christmas blocks all came from Internet swaps since 1997. I have swapped with some wonderful ladies. I finally got the blocks sewn together into a quilt and finished it over Thanksgiving 2001. Vickie Ritthaler of Wyoming quilted it for me. It is prettier in person as it glitters in the light.


top half of NF14 quilt

These pictures show both halves of my completed sampler quilt from the Nifty Fifty 14 Scrappy quilt swap. There were 52 blocks but I only used 48 of them in the quilt; the others I made into pillows. I used some country red fabric with sunflowers on it to border the quilt and used 2 different fabrics to sash it. I wanted the quilt to be bright and cheerful.

Vickie Ritthaler quilted this quilt also and did a terrific job! The picture to the right shows the top portion of the quilt while the picture below shows the bottom portion of the quilt. Using 12 inch blocks and a 1.5 inch sash and 2 inch borders this quilt is a queen sized quilt.

bottom half of NF14 quilt

Nf14 quilt tag

The picture to the right is the quilt label I made for this quilt. I used this Mrs. Mouse quilter design off a Bernina embroidery design CD called Mrs. Mouse's Sewing Treasures. The mouse in the design is similar to a mouse statue my son gave me one Christmas when he was about 7 or 8.

amish stars


This quilt is made of star blocks I got in swaps done on FidoNet (back before the web was commonly used) years ago. The blocks then sat in a drawer for a very long time. About 2004, I decided to make quilts for each of my children for Christmas All but one of my children like sampler quilts; one of my daughters though says she only likes quilts made of one type of block. So, this was her Christmas quilt. I used kona black cotton to sash, border and back the quilt, and a solid turquoise for one of the borders and then bound the quilt with red binding. Vickie Ritthaler quilted this quilt also. It was so pretty when it was done, I almost didn't want to give it away.


Nf12 quilt

This quilt is from the Nifty Fifty 12 swap I participated in with hostess Pam Schenk. We used black Kona cotton for our backgrounds and batiks for our other fabrics. The sampler blocks were 9 1/2 inches; I put the quilt together in a 7 X 7 block arrangement without sashing the blocks and just used more Kona black to border the quilt and back it. My block is the Alabama cotton boll block in the center of the bottom row. Vickie Ritthaler of Final Stitches of Wyoming also quilted this quilt. When complete, it made a nice large lap quilt. This was one I almost kept also, but it has a new home now with my oldest daughter and her husband in Arizona. After receiving this quilt for Christmas, her husband promptly put in an order for the quilt he wants for next Christmas!

The picture to the right is the quilt label I made forsax frog qult label this quilt. I used a design off a Bernina embroidery design CD called Fanciful Frogs by Stephanie Stouffer. I picked it because it reminded me of the street musicians in New Orleans which is where Trevor and Mary met.


nf6 quilt for Elizabeth
This quilt is from the Nifty Fifty 6 swap I participated in with hostess Vickie Ritthaler. These sampler blocks were 12 1/2 inches in size; used hunter green, a dark blue, and a rust red as the focus colors. My block is again the Alabama cotton boll block in each of the 4 corners of this quilt. Vickie Ritthaler of Final Stitches in Wyoming also quilted this quilt. While this picture does not show the quilting well, she quilted it very close and dense and it looks almost scupultered close up. This quilt went to my daughter Elizabeth who picked 42 of the 52 blocks; she did not want it sashed so it only has 2 borders - a thin dark green floral border and about a 3 inch solid dark red border.

Elizabeth label

At the right is the label for Elizabeth's quilt. This was the first label I did on my sewing machine and Elizabeth and I designed it ourselves.

nf20 SBS quilt for Meg

This quilt is from the Nifty Fifty 20 SunBonnet Sue in America swap that I hosted during 2002. We had 52 blocks in the end and I used everyone of them plus 4 extra to even out the rows. I arranged these blocks in an 8 x 7 arrangement and sashed each of them with Kona black (about 1 inch sashing) to frame each of the blocks. On the South Carolina block I had the tree actually overlap into the sashing. I bordered the quilt with a multicolor kaldieoscope like fabric that my daughter Megan picked out. This became Megan's quilt at Christmas this last year and hangs on a quilt rack above her bed with her favorite dolls. She doesn't want to put it on the bed because she is afraid our cat Stella will eat the yo-yo flowers off the New Jersey block! Which block did I do? I did the New Mexico block with Sue in the hot air balloons and the Arizona block with Sue going to prospect for gold in the Superstition Mountains. I've tried to pick out a favorite block in this quilt many times but can never pick just one.....Lena Colley of Birmingham, Alabama quilted this quilt. She custom quilted each block according to the design in the block. The quilting is absolutely amazing!
This design on this label is from the Bernina Artista embroidery collection, Current Critters. I picked this one for Megan's quilt because she loves bunny rabbits. Now I wonder which she likes best - the label or the quilt!




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