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SunBonnet Sue in America


This swap is history!!
Do Not try to sign up as this swap is closed!

Hostesses for this swap were:

Suzanne Pratt.....Coordinator
Vivian Ernseberger......Co-Coordinator

The NF20 Sunbonnet Sue in America swap had representatives for all 50 states plus Washington DC and a General US category. Blocks were designed mostly by the swappers themselves (although some used published sources), stitched either by machine or hand, and swapped with great enthusiasm. While some of our swappers had to drop out because of circumstances beyond their control, most of the group finished intact. Look at our samples and enjoy the creativity of this wonderful group of ladies - this was an experience not to be missed!

The theme for this swap was Sunbonnet Sue In America.  52 Blocks of Sunbonnet Sue representing something about their selected state were completed by each swapper.   This was NOT a traditional Sunbonnet Sue swap although your Sue could have the traditional look.  Each block was wonderfully imaginative.  New York Sue stood with her suitcase on the pier with the Twin Towers in the skyline; Pennsylvania Sue hung out her Amish quilt on the clothesline; South Carolina Sue wove a basket by the creek while Florida Sue made a sandcastle on the beach; Wisconsin Sue was looking high and low for her cow, while Minnesota Sue went to the barn to milk hers! Louisiana Sue went bass fishing while Maine Sue went to visit a picturesque Maine lighthouse only to get a lobster attached to her foot! Michigan Sue flew her kite over the lake while Tennessee Sue went out hunting for bear. Whether Sue was in Virginia, Massachusetts, Wyoming, California or any of the other states she was imaginative, different, and showed off something special about her chosen state.


NOTE: All blocks are copyrighted by their original creator. Do not copy these blocks for reproduction in any medium without prior permission from the original designer.  There are no patterns for these blocks - please do not email me asking for one! Thanks !

Alabama by Kay Turner

Louisiana by Dawn Kelley

Ohio by Susanne Ellenberger

Alaska by Penny Slyvester

Maine by Janie Williams

Oklahoma by Mary Montez

Arizona by Suzanne Pratt

Maryland by Jamie Borns

Oregon by Phyllis Andersen

Arkansas by Judy Gilliland

Massachusetts by Linda Bryant

Pennsylvania by Carol Vandermolen

California by Laura Conger-Ashley

Michigan by Amy Berner

Rhode Island by Margo Ogden

Colorado by Barbara Schwindt

Minnesota by Dawn Kelley

South Carolina by Vivian Ernsberger

Connecticut by Cheryl Camp

Mississippi by Marilyn Rose

South Dakota by Judith Terry

Delaware by Shirley Shearer

Missouri by Ginny Cox

Tennessee by Jeannie Roach

Florida by Kerry Cohen

Montana by Judy Dennler

Texas by Jannetta Rodriguez

Georgia by Ollie McClintock

Nebraska by Sue Werkmeister

Utah by Robin Cruz

Hawaii by Patty Rhodes

Nevada by Patti Hammer

Vermont by Ollie McClintock

Idaho by Patti Hammer

New Hampshire by Penny Sylvester

Virginia by Teresa Drummond

Illinois by Carol Williams

New Jersey by Melissa Allo

Washinton by Sherry Rhodes

Indiana by Deborah Kuchta

New Mexico by SM Pratt

West Virginia by Carole Fuller

Iowa by Teresa Thornbury

New York by Kim Bunchuk

Wisconsin by Diane Ippolito

Kansas by Judy Gilliland

North Carolina by Sandy Merritt

Wyoming by Sandy Merritt

Kentucky by Joanne Robinson

North Dakota by Dorothy Norris

Washington DC by Linda Ferguson

USA Quilting Sue by Penny Slyvester

Suzanne Pratt Nf20 Quilt
Suzanne Pratt's Nf20 Quilt
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