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Ongoing Needlework Projects


Here are some of the ongoing needlework projects I have going right now. Most are group correspondence courses. I have tried to post what I have done and then a picture from the EGA site that shows what the piece will look like (hopefully) when it is finished.

17th century sampler

This piece is the start of the 17th century sampler piece designed by Ilse Altherr. This is another Group correspondence piece I am doing with Cyberstitchers. The piece is described as: nine bands in this sampler were adapted from a variety of embroideries housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as in private collections throughout England. Eight different stitches are clearly diagramed; they include, but are not limited to, diagonal cross stitch, double-running, satin, four-sided, and closed herringbone.

finished 17th ccentury

An example of the finished piece is shown here:

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