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Past Quilt Swaps

amish stars

The quilt you see above was done with blocks I swapped for in a quilt swap back in the 1990s on Fidonet.  Seems like a very long time ago - I finally got the quilt together and gave it to my daughter,Emilie. I called the quilt "Amish Stars".  I have either participated or hosted the following quilt swaps.  Click on the swap link to see the quilts and blocks for each swap.

Completed Nifty Fifty Swaps & Nifty Fifty Block Pages

  • NiftyFifty 3 - Burgandy/Forest, Green/Blue/Cream, 12 inch Quilt Blocks - Completed Jan. 2000
  • Nifty Fifty 5 - Purple/Yellow/White, 12 inch Quilt Blocks - Completed Jan. 2001
  • Nifty Fifty 6 - Burgundy, Cranberry, Blue, Hunter Green, and Cream 12 inch blocks - Completed April 2001
  • Nifty Fifty 9 - shades of blue/teal - completed 2002
  • Nifty Fifty 10 - Americana look - completed March 24, 2002
  • Nifty Fifty 11 - Maroon, Hunter Green, Navy, White 12 inch blocks - Completed March 2004
  • Nifty Fifty 12 - batik, Bali, fossil fern 9 inch block quilt - Completed 2001
  • Nifty Fifty 13 - used reproduction fabrics from Civil War era in Gold/Hunter, Green/Blue/Tan 9 inch Quilt Blocks - completed 2002
  • Nifty Fifty 14 - scrappy quilt in 12 blocks - completed 2004
  • NiftyFifty 15 - black and white quilt blocks - completed 2003
  • Nifty Fifty 16 - Civil War theme using reproduction fabrics in 6 inch blocks with signature block - Completed March 2004
  • Nifty Fifty 21 - Native American Quilt Swap in 9 inch blocks - completed 2005
  • Nifty Fifty 23 - Amish Blocks - completed 2002
  • NiftyFifty 20 - Sunbonnet Sue in America theme in 12 inch blocks; completed 2003
  • NiftyFifty 28 - Friendship Quilt Signature blocks 12 inch - completed 2009
  • International Sue - Sue from around the world

Bad Bonnet Sue (or Sunbonnet Sue goes bad) Swaps: I hosted most of these swaps before I gave them up to do "different" things.  They were fun and I met a lot of really creative people in these swaps.  Please note that the following pages are copyrighted and that legal measures WILL be taken if images, text, or intellectual property are taken from these pages.

Below is a quilted wallhanging that my co-host, Vivian Ernsberger, did for me on one of our swaps. I have it hanging in my bedroom so its the first thing I see each morning when I wake up. Vivian did a wonderful job on this (as she does on everything she does) and I was so touched when she sent it to me. Hope you enjoy seeing its picture as much as I love it.

lighthouse quilt

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