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Quilting History Articles


Some quilting articles I have found useful and fascinating. Most are from the same site - America's Quilting History but I will add more as time allows.

Colonial Women - Quilters or Not by Judy Anne Johnson Breneman an examination of just how much quilting colonial women did or didn't do.
The not so good Lives of New England's Good Wives Some info about what everyday life was like for the colonial woman
Friendship Quilts - for remembrance Autographed quilts connecting those who went west with their past friends and family
Baltimore Album Quilts Beautiful pictures along with a succinct article on the history of baltimore applique quilts
Redwork Embroidery History On the site a history of redwork from tea towels to quilts
Abolitionist Quilts Pre-Civil War history of quilting against slavery
Civil War Quilts Discussion of quilts during the civil war from the Sanitary Commission in the North to the Gun Boat Quilts in the South. 
Pioneer Women and their Quilts Quilts a comfort through Hardship
Whole Cloth Quilts; Beauty in Texture One of the first qulting techniques brought to America
Depression Era Quilting The quilting of our grandmothers - the colors, the patterns, and the magazine articles
Gathering around the Frame Making quilits together
Quilts for WW2 How war changed the face of quilting
Mourning Quilts Quilts, softening the final good-bye
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