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I have done needlework,sewing and quilting for many years.  I got really interested in quilting, as did many others, during the 1976 BiCentennial celebrations.  I began reading books, buying kits, and going to needlework classes to learn how.  I thought everything was beautiful and I wanted it ALL!  When the internet came along I got involved with my sister in some online quilt swaps. I have gotten some absolutely lovely pieces and have put some of them on the pages listed below for your enjoyment.  If you see something you like and want more information about it, feel free to write me and I will try to answer any question you have. 

Quilting, Craft, & Family Pages
My Finished Quilts - Finished Quilts from the last 10 years (highlights)
Current  & Planned Quilt Swaps - If you like to swap you can see the swaps I have going on now and the ones planned for the future!
Past Quilt Swaps  - Here I have some of my past quilt swaps.  These were fun and I made a lot of good friends doing them and got some lovely quilt blocks from them.
Quilts in Progress - In progress quilt works
Fun Quilt Links - a selection of favorite quilt links
Quilting History Articles - Links to a Series of articles on quilt history in America
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