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Garden Fairies Smocking Newsletter Brings you information on what is new in smocking as well as information on how to smock.  Has supplies for sale as well.   Carries Austrialian smocking magazines as well as Inspirations. 
Sew What's New Sewing and quilting tips, what's new in the sewing world, sewing and quilting projects to do, great links, and lots more.
Smocksoft Software For information and online ordering for software to create picture and geometric smocking plates on your personal computer
Needlepoint Basics Book 1 A really great needlepoint basics for beginners!! Stitch charts, types of canvas, how to thread -- a good beginning spot.
Decorative Stitch collection Collection of different stitches with how-to diagrams and samplers
Internet Resources for Stitchers Lots of links for lots of different types of needlework!
Hard to Find Needlework Supplies Good supply source for those hard-to-find and not-so-hard-to find supplies
Hardanger Embroidery One of my favorite needlework techniques.  This is a 2 part article with wonderful examples show. 
Samplers through the Ages Article on how the sampler needlework art form evolved through Europe and America; beautiful pictues for examples.
Needlework Samplers The first Sampler site to appear on the Web! This is the Website for all traditional needlework sampler lovers. Here you may find all the information you ever need on the history and design of samplers, with spotlights on particular designs; the meaning of sampler symbols; pointers to other resources: books, designs, designers and suppliers; guilds, classes, and sampler projects; and links to other sampler and needlework sites
The History of Crazy Quilts 2 part article by Betty Pillsbury on the history of crazy quilts. Beautiful pictures!
Tips and Tutorial on Hardanger from Nordic Needle 3 part series on how to do hardanger with many good tips to improve your technique
A Tale of Two Samplers Pat Morritz in this 1990 EGA Needlearts article on the Whitman's chocolates Sampler box
Schwalm Whitework History article on this delicate whitework lacy embroidery which takes its name from a region in Germany
Casalguidi Embroidery Article on the white embroidery from a small village in Tuscany
Temari - History and Certification Short article on the history of temari and how to become certified as a Temari Artist by the Japanese Temari Association
History of Temari Temari history by Diana Vandervoort, author of at least 4 books on Temari and how to do it (they are great books!)
Crewel Embroidery From the Caron Collection, another well-done article on crewel embroidery history with breathtaking examples
Stitch Index by Over the Moon Designs Instructions with pictures of needle placement and stitch of various needlework stitches for flat, looped, knotted, laid, and woven stitches as well as pulled thread.
Mountmellick Embroidery History of this whitework embroidery began around 1832 by a Quaker woman from Ireland.
History of Smocking History of smocking which began in England in the 13th or 14th century
Brief History of Blackwork By Petit Point of Harrogate a short article on the history of blackwork with pictures!
Assisi Work Article on Assisi Embroidery by a member of the West Kingdom Needlework Guild - has a good bibliography
Shadow Work Embroidery Primer Gives background on shadow work as well as thread, fabric, hoops, stitches, and a variety of tips

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